As an equal opportunity employer with a diverse workforce, we work hard and smart, together. We are a professionally run and managed company, with a family-oriented mindset. It is our firm belief that what binds the APC workforce family together is our shared desire and commitment to contribute towards the production of high quality steel products.

At Alloy, our vision, mission and core values, are deeply ingrained within our people policies, processes and frameworks. Accordingly, we have a clear direction regarding the kind of talent we wish to attract and retain.

Aspiring Talent: Are you a student or recent graduate in search of cooperative placements or compensated internships? Alloy has several full-time roles for you. We also provide comprehensive technical training to build a solid foundation and set you up for a successful career in the steel sector. Explore our opportunities for students and fresh graduates now.

Meet Luis, one of our winners

Experienced Professionals: Have you been working in the steel or steel products industry for a few years? Are you ready for a mid-career change and looking for opportunities to leverage your skills and experience? We welcome candidates with relevant experience and offer attractive compensation packages, as well as an exciting work environment where you will learn and grow. Explore our current openings now.

Meet Jerry, one of our winners

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Veterans: We have the utmost respect for people who have bravely served our country and are committed to providing them relevant opportunities in our business. If you are a veteran, learn more about the roles, where we think your skills and experience would be a welcome addition to our workforce.

Meet Kyle, one of our winners

Women: Centuries ago, steel may have been a primarily male-dominated industry. However, today, you may be surprised at how many women are actively contributing to APC’s business growth. From the shop floor, distribution and logistics, to commercial, financial and top management positions, we have women employees performing key functions and leading the company into its glorious future in steel. Whether you are currently working, or you are looking to rejoin the workforce after a break, we encourage you to apply to relevant openings today.

Meet Tanya, one of our winners

Meet Emily, one of our winners

At Alloy, our priority is to find talent with passion, dedication, potential and the right work ethics. While qualifications, skills and experience may matter, they will not be the only deciding factors when we bring individuals on board.

We operate in a culture where our employees, as well as the local communities are our extended family. APC is actively involved in several charitable causes, children’s events and other initiatives that bring this entire extended family together. The cohesive teamwork and bonds created during such times have gone a long way in helping us become a leading player in our industry. In fact, in many ways, our unique work culture drives our business and growth.